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Daytime Singing Group

Jenny’s Wednesday Wrens










How much:


Jenny’s Wednesday Wrens welcomes all singing abilities. We cover a vast selection of well-loved favourites from all different styles, eras, genres so there will always be something you know.


No need to have any previous singing experience or read music. Each weekly session is complete in itself and follows a theme of either an artist, show, era or a certain genre of music. Don’t worry if you can’t make every week, there’s no catching up to do, just come when you can. No pressure, no panic just an hour packed with great songs to sing.


We would love to have your voice join us. See you there!







Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30pm


Butterfly Dance Studio,

Estcourt Street,


East Yorkshire,

DN14 5AS


£6.50 per session

Evening Singing Group

Jenny’s Wressle Wrens






How much:




Jenny’s Wednesday Wrens is an exciting new vocal group open to everyone who likes to sing. Repertoire covers a wide variety of styles and genres. Learning is through listening and repetition, no musical knowledge or previous singing experience is required but if you have some, that’s great!


You’ll never have to sing on your own (unless you want to) or be under any pressure. This is a fun, relaxed, supportive group where we enjoy the scientifically proven benefits singing brings to our well being whilst making some beautiful music together!


So, if you want a stress busting hour that will raise your energy levels, build your confidence and make you feel great, we look forward to have your voice join us.


Over 18s only


Please get in touch for more details.




Monday 7.30 - 8.30pm


Wressle Village Hall


£6.50 per session